New MGS Executive

Oct 6, 2020

The Manitoba Genealogical Society held its Annual General Meeting on Saturday,  September 26, 2020.  The AGM, usually held in June, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic currently in its second phase of spread.  The AGM was held at the NorthWest Law Enforcement Academy in Winnipeg with limited in person attendance and with a larger group of members attending remotely via Callbridge.  Thank you to  the NorthWest Law Enforcement Academy for making this available to MGS.  All present, in person or remote, had the opportunity to comment and vote. It was a successful meeting, under the present conditions, and the following Executive Officers were elected or appointed:

PRESIDENT:                                                       Chris Irwin
PAST PRESIDENT:                                           Gord McBean
VP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:            David Farmer (new)
VP COMMUNICATIONS:                                Angela Fiebelkorn (new)
MEMBER-AT-LARGE:                                      Shaun Hobson
MEMBER-AT-LARGE:                                     Wanda Korman
TREASURER:                                                    Gloria McNabb

The following Executive positions remain unfilled:

At the MGS Council meeting held September 26, 2020 at 1 PM, the following Chairs were appointed:

Membership Services:                                  Aleta Foreman
Office Coordination:                                      Pamela Pina
Research:                                                           Jim Rutherford
Education and Outreach:                            David Farmer (incumbent)
Publicity:                                                           Daryl Dumanski (incumbent)
Social Media:                                                   Janice Butcher (incumbent)
Fundraising:                                                     Judith Roe (incumbent)
MANI Management/Operations               Gord McBean (incumbent)

The following appointed positions remain unfilled:

Special Projects
Generations Journal:                                Deferred to next Executive meeting
Grants and Applications
Computer and network support  –      An IT team of 4 technical volunteers are in place, supervised by  G. McBean